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 Searching the Cuba On-Line database

Type a word or phrase into the search box and press the Search button (or the "Enter" key on your keyboard). Cuba On-line will then look for matches in the database and present a list of results.

A relevance percentage box is displayed, along with the document title, brief description, and internet link location. The following is an example:

1.  Marti, Jose
"Marti, Jose No reproduction by any means without the express written permission of Info-Cuba, Inc. All rights strictly reserved. Copyright Info-Cuba, 1997 MARTÍ, José (1853-1895). Cuba ' s greatest hero and most influential writer. Revolutionist, poet, journalist, and the principal ..."
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Simply click on the file name desired to view the file information. A PDF format and text version are available.


 Advanced Search Information
  • Searches are not case-sensitive.

  • You may enter multiple keywords, such as differential equations. This search will produce exactly the same results as differential AND equations (implicit AND).

  • You may use any of the basic boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT). Please note that boolean operators are always typed in upper case (i.e. AND is a boolean operator, and and is the word and).

  • You may also use parentheses. For example, (Marti OR Maceo) AND independence.

  • Wildcards are also supported. You can use the asterisk (*) as a suffix and/or prefix in keywords. For example, enter math* to find documents with keywords such as math, or mathematics, or Mathias.

  • You may also use strings anywhere words are expected. A string is a sequence of words enclosed by double quotes, such as "the volume of a sphere". Please note that when using strings, you are searching for files which contain the string exactly (but still case-insensitive).


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